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Exploring the pasture
Nov 12, 2020
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Hi All, my name is Chelsea Askey and I'm a high energy mama of 5 human children and work as an entrepreneur running a business consulting company that creates solutions for new business and startups. I also manage a robust business and life coaching company that is doing very well. We work with people in life's transitions (depression, death, marriage, children, promotions, etc.) and support them to positive resolutions. My husband and I, along with our growing tribe of animals and kids just bought a one-acre ranch in CA. We care for 4 goats, 2 minipigs, 2 new Kune Kune piglets, 13 chicken pullets, 3 Royal Palm Turkeys, 9 - 2 week old chicklets, and 10 new hatchlings. Our original pack is filled with 5 rescue dogs who all follow me every where and 2 guinea pigs that are the sweetest little things. I'm excited to be a part of this online community and always learning more. Cheers and looking forward to engaging with everyone. Chelsea <3

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