HELP PLEASE! Cookie dough is sick?

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Jun 24, 2010
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I had gotten my first rabbit from Grant- and friend who's family owns a farm. He had gotten a certin lady rabbit prego too many times and they didn't want him anymore. About 2 weeks after I had him, he had no use of his back legs at all. ( we had in a rabbit cage on the floor before we built the rabbit condo) Mom said Christopher (who was 5 then) had tried taking him out of the cage and dropped him on the floor (concret) We really didn't know what was happing. Now I look back and wonder why we didn't take him to the vet :hit 3 days later he had use of his right back leg, but was still dragging his left. I have to give him baths because he gets his poo stuck to his private parts and now, a year later, his leg. When he walks his legs are always supporting him, but he wobbles. Now I feel him and I can feel his spine bones. He eats A TON though.
Help please! I don't know what to do :hit
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