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Mar 3, 2021
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I'm a member of BYC but also love goats, cows, horses and LGDs. I live on a small hobby farm of just under 12 acres in north Florida. It's not my choice to live here, btw. I'm here for my mom. Have been winding down now as I'm in mid 50s and want to slow down. I have laser-focused on my chicken flocks this past year. Right now I only have three goats (Saanens) one cow ( Jersey) and five dogs. My last rescue horse was rehomed a couple of weeks ago. I was a breeder of Anatolian x Kangal LGDs for several years but retired due to the hardship in finding good homes for Kangals. They are not for everyone. Actually probably not for most people (as I have found out) but I love them. They're independent which is a great benefit for me, working alone. They know what to do on their own if you know how to understand them.

My time is very limited but I will pop in when I have a moment and try to be of help to others here when that is possible. :ya