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Input needed on my mini-herd

Discussion in 'Everything Else Goats' started by ShadyTreeAcres, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Mar 20, 2017

    ShadyTreeAcres Chillin' with the herd

    Sep 30, 2016
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    Here is my current setup, for reference.

    Arya - Nigerian Dwarf doeling, 10 month old
    Rory - Nigerian Dwarf doe, 2.5 years old (Mo's sister)
    Mo - Nigerian Dwarf doe, 2.5 years old (Rory's sister)
    Niles - Nubian wether, 3 years old
    Frasier - Nubian wether, 3 years old

    Here is my dilemma. I really want some babies to start growing my herd for milk so my existing plan has been to have Rory and Mo bred this spring. I have located a ND breeder with well respected milk lines about 2.5 hours away. However, as I think about it their behavioral issues may make this a less than ideal plan. These two girls have never accepted Arya and routinely bash her despite my numerous attempts over months of socialization. I just don't think they were handled as much as kids. The two nubians are very chill and get along with the little one just fine.

    So, I guess I have a few options.

    1. Breed Rory and Mo as planned, get kids in about 6 months. Continue to socialize them.
    2. Sell Rory and Mo and replace with two new does, maybe even already bred does. These may have the same issues as the two I have now.
    3. Sell Rory and Mo and get two new doelings and put off breeding them for a year or so.
    4. Buy my own buck, breed Rory and Mo, then once they kid re-evaluate.

    Any thoughts on which way would be best in the long run?
  2. Mar 20, 2017

    animalmom Herd Master

    Dec 19, 2009
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    North Central Texas
    Wow you will end up with lots of opinions...

    If it was me I'd breed Rory and Mo this spring. Will they be first fresheners or have they kidded in the past? My understanding is they may have a harder time settling (getting pregnant) because of their age... not that they are old but because they hadn't be pregnant before. It isn't that they can't get pregnant but that it could take more than one "date". Chat with your vet and see what is suggested. It could be Rory and Mo will settle down to be nice matronly moms after they kid. Right now they are just uptight spinsters.

    Regarding getting a buck of your own... that would have to depend on what your plans are for your little herd. Are you wanting to have milk, make cheese, sell the kids? You certainly can purchase a good buck and bring in genetics that would compliment and enhance your current genetics but you would end up either selling all your kids or going through a process of replacing your buck... or getting a second buck to cover any retained does from the initial breeding. I'm not against line breeding but it would not be responsible to line breed forever. Remember you asked for opinions.

    If you don't want a buck hanging around being a buck and you are fine with 2.5 hour trip for the does to date then you can always use a stud service or you may want to consider AI, especially if you know someone who already does that and can piggyback off their equipment.

    Me, I love my bucks and their antics.

    Good luck with what you decide... and when Rory and Mo get pregnant you will need to do a kidding thread with lots and lots of pictures!