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Feb 21, 2021
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Hello, Thanks for the welcome. I currently have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, all pets and I raise layer hens and just got my first batch of meat birds in on February 3 of this year. I plan on getting a couple of pigs in the spring as well as raising cows for our own meat again, like my farther did 25 years ago. I am lucky enough to have 33 ac of wood land. I recently cleared 5 ac for pasture and working on another 5 this summer. I forgot, I have two beehives that will be in full operation come spring time.
Wow Alaska, been there, it was beautiful. What about you?


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May 9, 2017
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Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Wow Alaska, been there, it was beautiful. What about you?
I keep downsizing....

My grandparents were cattle ranchers in Texas... I would spend summers with them.

I moved to Alaska married with 1 son...

We had horses up here for a while. Percheron, Caspian, and a Quarter horse x Thoroughbred.

Then we had goats, we had gotten up to 5 boys... and had some allergy issues with some of the children... not sure if it helped or not...definitely didn't hurt.

Kids kept growing.. they were threatening to be gone way more often, or even gone entirely... and my arthritis keeps getting worse.... so we sold the goats.

Used to have a muscovy flock that was the favorite of the entire family... we had them for meat. But then we had 2 years of the worst luck... lost them all.

Now we have only chickens, a small bantam flock, and a small standard sized flock. Standard flock is for eggs...bantam flock because the kids think they are cute... and they are great stock.

And NOW because of Covid ALL 5 kids (age 12 to 22) are back home... well...sorta... kid #2 is a mile away providing in house care to the in laws while doing on line college... ... and, I am getting a friends son for a month starting this Saturday.

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