Is my goat pregnant?


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Jan 14, 2022
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I have an Alpine doe, who was exposed to a billy goat August 18-September 18. I normally would have left her in with him longer, but I wasn't able to with life the way it was. I have had goats for going on three years, but this is my first time with a seasonal breeder. I have always been able to tell with my Nigerian Dwarves that they were pregnant, because they were bulging with twins or quadruplets! My Alpine should be due about now, January 15-February 15. But so far, no baby. I can attach a picture that I took of her the other day. When I bought her, her previous owner said that they didn't know that she was pregnant, until they saw her in the pasture with a baby (but I'm not sure if they had even looked closely for signs). I have done so much research about how to tell if your goat is expecting, etc. I look over her every day for signs of a filling udder, and softening ligaments (although I have never checked ligaments before, but I watched many videos, so I think I know what to look for). I have noticed that her right side bulges almost as much, sometimes more then the left (which is apparently another sign of pregnancy). I forgot to mention above, she was bred with a Nigerian Dwarf Billy, so the babies will be smaller, and not make her bulge as much, right? Do you guys have any more tips on how to tell that she is pregnant, or do you just think that she probably isn't pregnant at all? Thanks:)


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