Many Questioms! How do you price your lamb chops?


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Aug 1, 2011
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Rineyville, KY
We tend to sell most of our lambs right after weaning. Market lambs (unregistered or crossbred) go for $150. Registered stock go for more. These are for our Border Leicesters, Lincolns, Southdowns and similar crosses. The Shetlands are priced differently.

Cull sheep (anything over 2) goes for at least $200.

I try to sell live if possible as it is less of a project for us, but we can make more off each if sold by the hanging weight.

Everyone gets the same vaccinations and other meds.

We've started wethering any rams that are not going to be kept or sold as breeders. This is the 2nd year we've done so and they are growing so much better.


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Feb 26, 2016
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Northern Lower Michigan
We have Suffolk sheep. This is the info for my area.
Market lambs 30-50lbs are $150-200 each direct to the buyer off the farm live(4h/market club)
Roaster lambs 50-80lbs are $150 live direct to buyer
Slaughter lambs 130-180lbs are $250-300 each direct to buyer
Lambs at auction are 90-180lbs $115-195 per hundred lbs so $103.5-351 each
Lamb per lb is roughly $4/lb hang weight plus processing fees which brings it up to approx. $5/lb hang weight.

National hang weight average is $3.80/lb According to the USDA Market Report

More people need to raise meat lambs there is a lack of sheep/lamb in the US which is rather obvious when you look at the import for slaughter info, the US imports approx 150-180 million lbs of lamb and mutton a year. If each lamb is averaged at 100lbs thats 1.5-1.8 million sheep we could produce ourselves.

Also average weekly wool sales are about $4/lb atm for clean wool. Price does fluctuate from about $3.35-4.80/lb

We have never seen anyone care about feed or vaccines. Some ethnic groups do not like wethered or docked but we havnt had a problem so far.