Merry Xmas from my smallest


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Oct 19, 2012
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NH homesteader, I think Lleila was taking the rise out of us all! She was 'tasting' a toy sheep which is on the top of our dog's Xmas stocking......the writing on that stocking says "For my dog.... love from Santa Paws'......

Here is the young man in question


Jared (the Border Collie) comes from excellent working stock. Our neighbouring farmer offered us any of the litter of 7 pups, and there must be a trend here. Jared was the runt, about a quarter of the size of any of the others. My daughter, of course, chose him. Nearly 10 years later and he is the most wonderful, faithful dog anyone could meet. Great with children,cats, chickens etc, but no idea what to do with sheep (not his fault, he was never trained)

I could chatter on all day about my animals, many of whom are special (I keep all the 'challenged' ones).

If anyone has pics. of their 'survivors' please post them on this thread.

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