Minis or micros..who’s weighing in?


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Feb 26, 2016
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Northern Lower Michigan
Can they stay outside in a barn?

As adults yes that shouldnt be a problem. If your looking at piglets wait until spring and give them a heat lamp until temps outside are above freezing at night. Once they reach about 3-4 months old they are very hardy as are most pigs.

I will caution you, be prepared to possibly suddenly lose a mini or mini cross because of their tiny size and being pigs they dont show signs of anything wrong until it is to late to help. The smaller the pig the easier/quicker something can take them out. On that note if you have an outdoor pen for them cover it with netting until they are closer to adult size aka to big for eagles to take off.

If you really want them to be pets get them from a pet breeder...if the piglet isnt friendly at 8 weeks old skip it as it likely will not ever become friendly. Mini's are not pots and they have a bit of a different attitude.