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Loving the herd life
Jul 7, 2020
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Of course, I realize pallets are made of wood but usually not meant for long term use in the weather, atvleast, not our weather. I meant matching wood for the look of the thing. That is the only place I am perpetually ocd.
Well, NuStock has done an excellent job on Midnight's legs and the fur has already begun to re grow. Thank you guys so much for that info!
We have had several minor issues to contend with so I haven't been able to muse about our little life recently.
The goats are becoming a much bigger annoyance (only because they want to be involved with every move we make) recently and we are thrilled their pen is almost complete. That way, we can call thwm up, put them in the pen, give them treats and then feed everyone else in peace! Oh, the thought makes me giddy!
We have also been so excited to have had our Peacocks join the fold. They are barely 5 months old and still penned up for another month or so.
Working hard and fast.....