My does are smelling their own urine-new?


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Sep 12, 2020
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Two does, sisters that are Nubian alpine cross. Born January 2020 I’ve had them since April. Very attached to me.
started showing heat a couple months ago, meaning very ornery and bad. Loud screaming and lots of escaping their pen.
On a hunch I decide to get a buckling, he’s a Nubian Kiko cross born in March and much smaller cus his Breeders only fed him pasture.
Anyway to my question...
It was two weeks ago to the day I brought my buckling home, my girls showed instant heat and perhaps they mated.
Anyway, in the past few days I’ve seen both girl urinate than curl their lip in the flehmen response to their own pee.
They’ve NEVER done this before.
also they been eating a ton, being very clingy and affectionate and not loud and not escaping like before.
Are these hints they’ve been bred?

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