My new babies!!


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Feb 2, 2014
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Everything your doing sounds good :) we use the same wormer. Worming is imperitive, when we first got ours there was some miscommunication and we thought we were only supposed to worm them every 2 months. Last november we lost one to meningeal worm which, depending on where you live, can be very common. I suggest you read up on it, if you have white tailed deer in your area you should definitly make sure you stay on top on worming.

Ours still need to be sheared, Im still learning what to do with the fleeces. Also, we have both varieties of Alpacas so it will be interesting to see how each fleece differs I'm taking a spinning/crading class in august. Also apparently the fleece needs to be dehaired. I think thats it, we have only had alpacas for 2 yrs so I am by no means an expert. Anyways enjoy your boys! Oh, one mors thing. Do you know if theyre huacayas or suri's?

The huacayas are very fluffy and tend to grow a longer fleece than the Suri's

The Suri's have a more downward fleece vs the Huacayas with fleeces that grow more outwards.

Hope the pictures help, I think yours are huacayas but my phone was being dumb so I couldnt see very well.
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May 17, 2016
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Since you had already asked I decided to just quote yours. I was going to ask the same question but thought it didn't need to be written to times in a row.
Oh, OK.
I wasn't sure if you meant X2 or HUH??

@luvmypets I think they are Huacayas. At least the one in the back. I think the one in the front is too. It will be easier to tell when they grow out a fleece.

I work for these people who have all Suri's but I have seen pics of the Huacayas.

They sure are cute!!