My very naughty pig


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Aug 16, 2016
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Shenandoah Valley Virginia
I have to agree with @Mini Horses . Spoiled is not the word for it. You don't have this pig for a pet, he has you conditioned to whatever, whenever he wants. He is a 200 lb porker... get him on a 3 times a day schedule and keep him on it. I will quit with this because you will not want to hear my opinions. He is lonely for one of his own kind, he has you totally answering to his every whim and wish, and he is too spoiled over all... It is too bad that the T-posts don't look very nice... you are keeping a FARM ANIMAL for a housepet... if you want him to stay put then you do what you have to do to keep him in. As I stated in my previous post... they have more power in their nose than most strong men ever thought of... it is THEIR INNATE NATURE....
Agricultural area or not... are you in a "fence in " or a "fence out " county????? If it is a fence in county, then you are responsible for every time he goes off your property... and for all the damage he does to others property. Even with the fence out laws... if he is a constant problem, you can get cited and still be responsible for the damages.
Understand that pigs grow their entire life... they do not to get to a "mature size" and stay there like most other farm animals... they continue to grow. If their appetites are not satisfied they will continue to want out....