New Nanny goat with week old kid- ran away-


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Feb 24, 2018
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My husband and I just adopted a 1.5 year old doe who just had a female kid last week. We moved them up to our orchard yesterday. It was our understanding that our orchard was fenced and protected. Goats were stressed but lounging under trees; at noon today they disappeared. We discovered a major hole in the fence due to wild pigs (We live in Hawaii, so no natural predators of goats except the odd hunter).

The land surrounding our farm is all pasture, cane grass, and pig trails- with a fenced in herd of goats about 1/3 of a mile away; we saw dozens of wild pigs this afternoon while we searched. We do not believe she would go too far, and our neighbor with the herd is keeping an eye out.

We have notified neighbors and spend the afternoon and evening putting water out for mama(who's in milk) as well as fruits and pellets etc... Any advise on how to summon an anxious and scared mama goat, with baby would be appreciated.

We will be going out again in the am before the sunrise to search again.


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Dec 31, 2014
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Greetings and welcome to BYH Amy! So glad you joined us, even if the reason for it isn't a great one. Grats on the baby, so sorry you lost them. Not sure how long ago you adopted her but if you hadn't socialized her or trained her to "come" for treats, I don't know how you'll coax her back, if you can find her. I would think with a baby, she wouldn't go too far. Are you sure she didn't hide out somewhere inside the enclosure or orchard? Sure hope you find them both soon.

There's a wealth of info, knowledge and experience shared in the multitude of threads. Browse around and see what interesting stuff you can find. By all means post away when the desire strikes you, especially if you have questions (provide as much detail/info as possible and pictures truly help)... With all the great folks here, generally someone will respond in no time at all. Please make yourself at home!

Oh, if you haven't done so already, PLEASE put at least your general location in your profile. It could be very important if/when you ask for or offer help or advice. You know, climate issues and such. I recommend at least your state as most folks won't be able to figure out where if you put anything more specific (county, town, street, etc) by itself. Old folks like me :old will never remember & look there first. To add it, mouse hover over Account top right and a drop down will appear. Click on Personal Details and scan down. You'll see the spot for Location. Then go to the bottom and save changes. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the site!