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Dec 4, 2017
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Now that our does are coming to breeding age I decided to purchase a young buck. We just brought him home last night so put him in a separate temporary pen. This morning while trying to catch him to get to move him to the field where we can watch amd make sure he understands the electric netting the turkey spooked him and I lost hold of him.

He calmed down and tried to get with our ladies but hit the electric netting and took off again this time I to the woods. This guy wasn't fed grain and barely handled so he isn't one I can trick by shaking a grain bucket. I have heard him calling a few times when he hears our girls. I've separated our does so they'd get loud and hopefully draw him luck. Walked a girl up amd down the sighting.

Where he's alone do you think he'll eventually be drawn in by the other goats? Any suggestions for locating him? I havent been able to find any sign of him! I did talk to neighbors and post in our town FB group.


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Mar 13, 2015
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Shadow Hills, CA
Where do you live? What kid of goat?

In some areas with plenty of forage and water, goats become feral really quickly. In others natural predators take them. In still others human predators are not averse to a BBQ. If you live in a neighborhood it is possible that someone will see him and reply to the posting.

Next time, I would recommend taking the does to the buck's pen on a leash when they come into season. That way you also have a definite kidding date. In particular since he was never handled, this way you don't have to bring him out into an unfenced area.

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