Ossabaw X AGH??


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Dec 4, 2017
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Good morning all!

I was wondering if anybody has had Ossabaw x American Guinea Hog crosses before? We had fertility issues with our AGH boar so he went to freezer camp. I decided to move away from AGH when I found a great deal on an Ossabaw boar and gilt, then some Kune Kune. We planned on running the two breeds until we decided which we liked best, or perhaps sticking with the 2. Depends on how the next year goes with them. The ossabaw gilt and kune kunes are all young, and I wanted bacon seeds sooner so put the ossabaw boar with our AGH lady. We're expecting piglets in 2 weeks or so.

Has anybody done this cross? I've scoured the internet and found mention of the cross but it was just 1 not so great photo of a full grown sow. There was no mention of their size/growth/meat/etc. Obviously I'll find out eventually but curiosity is driving me crazy as to what the end product may be like!

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