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Jul 31, 2012
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I have recently become a llama mama as my human children say. He is a 2 year old gelded male. I took him knowing in the future he could have some issues due to being bottle fed. His mom died at birth. He picked me out. Out of all the llamas at the farm, he came over, gave me a kiss and snuggled with my hair. That was it, I was in love. The owner gave him to me with the condition I keep him at the farm he was at. No problem. Well I walked him with no issues the first few times. Then I tried to introduce him to a little grooming (the wand) because that he was okay with, not the brush. Well.. then next time after doing this, he didn't want to be haltered. After a few re assuring words he followed his stand command and let me halter (harness) him and take him for a walk. Well I will say I was spit at 7 times that day. Always did he look straight ahead but yes, it was at me. lol Little stinker. I didn't get discouraged. I am pigheaded and don't give up easily. But am wondering why he was so difficult this time. I know the last couple of times it was because he wanted to graze and I would not allow him to so I gave him his walk command and pulled a little on his rope. He didn't like this and spit.. I haven't been back to see him for a couple of days due to personal issues but am wondering what he has in store for me next time. I am determined!! I have read some on clicker training and am considering this. Although I have been advised NOT to hand feed him even his treats due to being bottle fed and the issues the males can have. I am sure that I will find a lot of advice in here, but know it will take some time, so if anyone wants to offer any now, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Jun 1, 2009
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I think the best training for a bottle fed male is CameliDynamics. If you could take a seminar with Marty, even better. http://www.camelidynamics.com/

Bottle babies think they are in charge and when you try to challenge that, they act out. He will need to be retrained and the only person I have seen successful is Marty. Her techniques teach respect.

Congrats on your new llama and :welcome

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