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Jan 23, 2019
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North MS
I have a 2 1/2 year old nubian doe, FF. We bought her early May, and she was bred sometime in late January/early Febuary when the bucks broke into the pen (While the owner was on vacation and the goat-sitter didn't remove them). 2 days ago, she stopped eating entirely. Yesterday we found her moaning and panting in the corner of our barn. We took a Ketone test, and it said "Trace". So we gave her yesterday afternoon and this morning 20ccs of Goat drench, 30ccs of condensed Probios, and 4 drops of rescue remedy. This morning, we have her 15ccs of B-Vitamin also. She has been seperated from our goats, because they were being rough and we didn't want her getting hurt. (She is being housed with our sheep for company, although she is driving the sheep crazy) Today she is running a low fever of 38 C (100 F). I checked her ligaments, and they're still there. Any ideas? I was thinking about calcuim. Would that boost her temp? Can I get calcium at TSC?