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Aug 26, 2020
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So I had some quail questions to ask people.

How hard is it to get into raising coturnix quail?

It seems interesting, though I already have ducks and rabbits. But one of the fascinating aspects about it is when I look at youtube videos there's actual people that say are quoting you being able to raise up to 192 quail in a 2 foot by 4 foot area of space. (layers of cages above first.) This seems interesting.

I'm curious also how hardy they are with respect to food diversity?

If you couldn't go to the store could you feed quail grasses and yard forage stuff, weeds etc? It seems like geese have good food diversity/forage options, so I'm wondering how it might compare to optimal feed diversity like those, or like how rabbits can eat your yard basically? What do you think about this?

(And yes I get that you don't let quail roam free, because of predators. But if you brought it to them...)

I guess I'm interested in which animals you can raise for gains that have the most optimum ability to thrive if you had lower access to the store.)

Also interested in any other thoughts about this.

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May 20, 2019
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Auburn, CA
You should check out the quail forum on BYC, the sister site to this one.

Coturnix are pretty easy to raise, although if you are hatching them yourself please know they are accident prone, almost suicidal, as chicks to you need to completely idiot proof the brooder or they will find ways to die. 17-18 days to hatch, 5-8 weeks until maturity, commonly 8-10 weeks to ideal eating size.

They do need higher protein feed, especially as chicks. I feed mine turkey starter crumbles. I don't know how successful you would be making your own feed, you probably would need a good high protein ingredient like mealworms or black soldier fly larvae.

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