Question about meat product rabbit farming...?


Overrun with beasties
Aug 26, 2020
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So I wondered about this and thought about asking it.

If you get into rabbit farming, is it possible to find commercial meat buyers?

How do you find something like that?

To be fair I'm nowhere near that far yet. But I'm asking for potentials sake because I don't want to have conflicts with people in my area that are already doing stuff. (And I want to work from home and work rural if I can.)

And how do you avoid having conflicts with other rabbit breeders in your area over selling rabbits?

(I would think if you only did them for meat you'd have less conflict with other local breeders. But it seems like you have an extra hurdle in that people aren't into rabbit meat much as a society. I'm hoping that will change because ground beef price (cheap) at my local Walmart is 5.88 a pound. You'd think that I could post an ad on Craigslist or whatever and be like hey I can give you rabbit burger for half what you pay for ground beef right? Unfortunately it might be more complicated than that as people get set in their ways. But it should have potential. I don't understand why people don't complain more than they are now about grocery prices shooting through the roof.)

No joke meat should be 2 dollars a pound in my area. But its triple that.

I think there should be some way of getting people away from the grocery store to buy home processed stuff right?