Rabbit resting pads


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Nov 11, 2019
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Clinton (piedmont) SC
Make sure your water crocks angle out instead of in.
Don't breed your rabbits in the summer. Pregnant, fat, fur coat, heat=heat stroke and a dead rabbit. Fall, winter and early spring are ok, not late spring or summer.
??? Ok, I'm new at this, and a little thick....but what do you mean by angling the crocks? They're just heavy round bowls. How do I angle them, and which way is out?
And our hottest month is supposed to be July, with an average high that month of 92f. Of course this year we broke that by a bunch. I already planned on giving the month of July off from breeding/birthing.
A few posts back you asked about my dog. She's a Sooner. Just as sooner be one breed as another. She's a pound rescue. I don't have herds to protect, and around here, things have a way of happening to farm dogs. So, like all animals I love her but keep some detachment so if something happens I'm not too distraught. She HATES snakes and has dispatched a few this year. So far all have been nonvenomous, but I'm sure she didn't know that when she attacked. I don't want a MEAN dog, but I got her (as an adult) in the hopes that she would give pause to think to anyone driving into the yard. Because I had a couple of break-ins while I was in the process of moving in. FAT CHANCE! You drive into the yard and get out, the biggest danger is she might LICK your face off. But with strange animals, its different. I've seen her go to vicious a few times, and its not pretty.


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Aug 22, 2010
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Northeast Texas
Some crocks are angled inward, if the water froze in them, it would bust the crock or you would have to wait for it to melt to get the ice out. That type would be for feed only. Some crocks have a nice rounded inside, with the sides straight up or with a slight angle, making it easier to slip a frozen block out of it. Clear as ice now? LOL

Your dog is a nice looking dog, pretty.

around here, things have a way of happening to farm dogs. So, like all animals I love her but keep some detachment so if something happens I'm not too distraught.
That I cannot do. I throw my heart in and when we lose a dog, I bleed my heart out, cry my eyes raw and grieve it all out on BYH. I love my dogs and when I lose one, I grieve. We are blessed with a very good neighbor who has come over and dug graves for two of our dogs that died since we moved here. It was his way of helping. I can be pretty tough with most animals, but not my dogs. Some animals are in my heart, naturally my most favorite ewe had to be put down, I sat in the trailer bawling, hugging her, my husband got to sniffling, the whole vet staff was tore up. That blue eye in my avatar belongs to Joe's Tuff Bars, a 30 year old cremello Quarter Horse gelding, the love of my life, my heart horse. he has Cushings disease and is in decline. We have had him 23 years. I know that day is coming, but I am going to love him hard every day and treasure the time I have left with him. On the flip side, I can deal with death and loss extremely well. I grieve, then I get up and get back in the game. I will take the hit, I will take the pain of loss, so I don't miss the joy.