Rascal is being a bully


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Jan 2, 2020
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When Fawn got sick and unfortunately died. We had to get a companion for Rascal. Enter Shawn Patrick, introduced on December 29. Rascal was born on September 1st which makes him 4 months old. Shawn Patrick was just a baby at 6 weeks old (born Nov. 17) when we introduced the two. All went well for about a week. Then Rascal started butting Shawn Patrick away from the food and us when we would put our hands on Shawn Patrick. Today I brought treats out to the pen with me and it seems that Rascal doesn't want Shawn Patrick any where near Ron or me.. The little guy seems to take it in stride and steps or hops away from Rascal but it has to be quite intimidating. We are about to get another baby on the 25th of Jan who is younger than Shawn Patrick. He was born on Nov. 29. I do notice that these shenanigans with Rascal only happen when he can see us or when we are in the pen with them. But if I sneak a peek at them when they are not aware of my watching they seem to get along just fine and share the same feeding pan. I'm just wondering if the little guys will bond and leave big bad Rascal out of the group... I suppose he deserves it. We do leave hay and other feed in separate pans for them so Shawn Patrick can eat. . Just wondering if this behavior will settle down as the little guys grow. BTW no horns here these are just head butts..