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The Old Ram-Australia

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Jan 18, 2011
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G'day folks, my new flock is made up of pure breed breeds ,but I am working towards a naturally adapted flock for my farm. Sheep did not evolve down here ,all breeds were imported over time.Because Australia's import laws are so tough many breeds with really good traits suffer from a very narrow gene pools.

My advice(for what it's worth) is first detirmine what you desire in a sheep. my aim is with a Meat Composite,directed at a clearly identified market,the current farm of 300acs, i will over the next 5/10 years sell 120acs as "old father time " catchers up with me. But I do hope to leave a legercy of a high performance flock which someone will continue with (maybe my grandson?) into the future.

Using pure breeds at the start at least gives a sound base.Good luck with your venture......T.O.R.