Rice in Tinfoil dinners question?


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Aug 26, 2020
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So...I like tinfoil dinners. And I like rice.

I've noticed that when I look up tinfoil dinners with rice on Youtube there isn't any of them that actually explain or go into detail about if you can do these kinds of dinners without using instant rice. One of the videos I saw mentioned rice. And nobody actually talked about experimenting with the rice cooked in the foil. Most of them actually talk about cooking the meat and vegetables in the foil only and the rice then added later.

So I'm wondering if this is possible with using normal grain form un cooked rice? (Not instant rice) (And in the foil dinner itself, not separate?)

And would you be just putting the rice in there dry submerged in water or oil, etc, or would you be sort of half step cooking it first before putting in the dinner?

I've cooked with rice a lot but not in foil dinners. And one of the challenges seems to be getting the right mix of water with rice, not too much not too little also.

I'm hoping someone else might have insight into this?