Separating does & bucks....maybe


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Nov 11, 2019
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Clinton (piedmont) SC
It's the infamous attention sponge back with another unlikely scenario question.
I always considered this to be an "urban legend" thing, but since I have read several "supposedly" first hand accounts of this (one here on BYH I believe), I just gotta ask.
Breeding through the wire.
Now I don't necessarily believe in Santa Claus either, (I never did get my "weenie whistle" and if you dont get the significance of that, watch "The Santa Clause") but I still set out a big glass of Mama Wall's eggnog and a plate of oatmeal cookies every Dec 24th. And somehow they're gone by morning. So....better safe than sorry I say.
Initially, I had planned a 2" gap (surely that would be enough. I've seen his equipment and he ain't no John Holmes) between the buck cage and the adjacent doe cage but due to some strange twist of the laws of physics (and my handicap of measuring accuracy) the cage walls are now touching.
So, in the name of "better safe than sorry", I am going to place a sheet metal barrier between the cages. Only, I don't want to isolate anybunny completely. So, how high should the barrier be? 3"? 5"? I don't see how breeding through the wire is possible in the first place, so I'm just not sure how "athletic" these rabbits can get. Suggestions?


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Dec 19, 2009
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North Central Texas
My bucks' cages share a wall with the does' cages and I have not had any through the wire breeding. Could happen but it would have to be one incredibly athletic buck and doe. I think you are safe without the barrier.

On your buck's cage you may consider putting a barrier, 2" on the front. The bucks can spray urine... for their own amusement. The industry calls them "urine guards" and I have them only on one of the buck cages and then only in the front. My other buck finds other means to amuse himself.

You know, you are doing just fine. God made the earth and all that is in it in 6 days. Nothing says you have to do the same. One thing at a time, one day at a time.