Sheba-A Marvelous Gift


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Aug 27, 2022
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Update on Sheba. It's been a crazy year. BJ died of Covid pneumonia September 20, 2021. I sold the farm in Lindale and moved to son's house on 2 acres in Groveton. Sheba has never liked riding in the truck or car. She would pee and poop, trembling in fear. Moving dogs to son's house was successful, put Trip and Carson inn back seat, camper top on truck, put Sentry and Sheba in the back. She peed but didn't poop, progress. 3 hour trip, let them out and penned Sheba and Sentry with the sheep. Later I walked them around the small pasture and they accepted it like the good dogs they are. That was in February of this year. Closed on new farm July 15, spent weeks working like mad to rehab interior of double wide mobile home and building fence. Finally moved last weekend of August.

As son and I were loading the sheep in the trailer, Sheba and Sentry were very worried, it was plain to see. So when I opened the back seat door to the truck, they both lost no time jumping in to go wherever I was taking their sheep.

Son unloaded the sheep and I took Sentry and Sheba around the large field on leashes, repeating "We are HOME" over and over to them. That evening, I did it again, then let them loose the next morning and I walked with them.

They love their new home, both dogs are doing awesome. Sheba has come into her own. I put them in the sheep night pen in the evenings. I ask if they want to go home and they both run to the gate.

Sheba and Sentry are so resilient, their world blew up, they lost the only home they had ever known, had to adjust to a smaller place, new things, and both did great. Now they have another home and they are meeting the challenges.

Sheba has made an awesome guardian and is the first one to bark. Coyotes have been too close for comfort lately, but the sheep are safe. She utterly adores Sentry. I thought I'd move him to guard a new ram a couple of days ago, but Sheba nearly came over the fence, terribly upset that I was taking her buddy. Both will accept being in pens next to each other, but obviously taking Sentry away wasn't going to work. I wound up moving the ram to the front yard under Carson's care LOL LOL.

I'm so proud of Sheba. When I'm down, I get lots of hugs and soft licky face kisses. :lol: Sheba is wonderful and I'm blessed to have her.
There is nothing like the feeling of a great working dog. They are such a great team. :love