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Jun 19, 2011
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Central Texas
Looking for tips on raising snow bunnies.

A little bit of background, I have bred rabbits for meat, wool, and show for almost 32 years now. I have a great system for raising rabbits in the middle of central Texas, but one thing we rarely encounter is a hard winter or snow. I'm used to keeping my meat rabbits outside in large cages (with frozen bottles to lay against), and keeping show and wool rabbits inside under the A/C. I know spoiled bunnies, but it works the best for me.

I'm looking at a move to New Mexico where temperatures range from over 100 to negative numbers. It will stay under 0 for a significant portion of time too, something I've never really encountered with rabbits before.

I will be building my own cages, so size and room are not a problem. I will also have a designated rabbit barn to house them in, but what other advice or tips and tricks do y'all recommend for dealing with lower temps over longer periods of time? I don't do wool rabbits at this time, but will be housing meat rabbits, and show bunnies.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.