Stock trailer... To buy or not?


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Mar 13, 2015
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Shadow Hills, CA
When we started out, we rented a horse trailer once a year for the fair. Then we upgraded to a 12' Miley 2 horse. When we outgrew that in 2000, we bought a new WW 16' bumper pull steel stock trailer. We looked for a used one but they were all either rusted out roof, bad floors, horse trailers, or cost more than a new one! We paid about $500 more than the used ones we were looking at, and were able to customize it with 2 interior swing gates that both have slider doors. The rear swing gate also has a slider door. This gives us 3 inside compartments, that you can walk through the gates from one to the other inside. That feature has been worth a lot over the years with small livestock.

We were showing dairy goats all over So Cal at the time and it has made its price back many, many times. We used it for our goats, sheep, cattle, hogs, and horses. I would shut the front gate and use that compartment to hold feed, hay, saddles, etc. then put 2 horses in the back and go camping with my ETI group. Then we wash it out and use it to move all kinds of stuff from hay to furniture. Worth every penny! Now we use it for our sheep and horses. I just ordered a new rear gate. Several years DH used it to transport his small Kubota and forgot to tie it down. The trailer rolled into the gate and bowed it out about 8". Finally, after worrying about a leg falling through while transporting, I called WW and was able to get an entire new gate assembly with installation kit for under $600 which included the shipping! The closest WW place is over 600 miles away. DH is now planning to get the rear running boards repaired and have it repainted. LOVE MY STOCK TRAILER!

I could never learn to back up the short Miley but I can hitch the 16' WW myself and put it wherever I want to! The longer the trailer, the easier to back up - to a point. LOL