Syringe Fed Piglet Runt help!


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Oct 16, 2020
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I am here and so happy to have a bigger community to ask.

We just had our first litter of piglets Oct. 6th. After some heavy losses due to multiple factors we have 3 healthy happy pigs with mom. But one pig we took inside. We where watching and she was not able to compete with her siblings for a teet even with so many available.
She is tiny compared to the others and was laying down and looking like she was about to die, so we didnt feel right leaving her.

That said, it has been a few days and she is barely eating. We could only find multi-specie milk replacement. We have been feeding her every 2 hours and she is bundled under our heater and homemade heating pads under her blanket for warmth as well.

She only eats about 5ml every 2 hours and that is pretty much forced. She has diarrhea, so I am also giving her some electrolytes for stress and hydration. She guzzles the electrolytes, but wants nothing to do with the food.
Should I change her food? What can I change it too?
We are picking up some meds for the scouring as well.

As I said, this is our first litter. We wanted to let nature do its thing but could not leave after seeing her miss a meal and just give up.

Thank you!!
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