Teat Tape is working, but how long until it is not necessary?

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May 8, 2020
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Hello! I have a 4th freshener ND and her 2 kids in question. They just turned 8 weeks and are dam raised (but very personable, we work with them a lot!). I had been separating them at night at 3 weeks and milking the dam in the morning, giving the kids their mama's milk all day. Now we have begun taping her teats to wean the kids (whom we are keeping) and keep all the milk for us. I know this will vary greatly, but in your experience, how long until the kids' interest in the milk is gone and their mother not need taping? I'm keeping both kids and the wether will be living with our buck but the doe will remain in the pen with her mom. Do we need to tape mama up during the day until she dries up in order to keep them together? Thanks!