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Mike CHS

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Mar 18, 2013
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Southern Middle TN
The garden is doing great so far. We have let the asparagus go so it can build energy for next spring. We should have some ripe tomatoes in a week or possibly two and there are plenty of them. We planted a couple of "Mild" jalapena plants that are anything but mild but they have a good flavor. I put in 20 bell pepper plants so we will be doing some pepper relish soon. We are getting yellow squash now about every day. That works since I like to eat it raw or we add it to salads. I didn't have a bed ready for okra till a few days ago so I pre-sprouted the seeds and planted them three days ago. Since they were already germinated when I put them in it only took a couple of days for them to pop up. We picked the last of the Sugar Snap Peas so I'll plant some bush green beans in that bed now.

Both the watermelons and cantaloupes are putting on fruit so it won't take long before we have some of them.