Thoughts on this calf’s confirmation


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Dec 31, 2021
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Congrats on the working with her and her doing good. I think she looks a little more proportioned and not so leggy so she must be growing and filling out more. It is great that you enjoy working with her so much. She will be a real pet.... then she will hit her "teenage years" (equivalent) and you will say, OMG what happened to that sweet little calf... much the same as parents say about their teenage daughters !!!!:lol::gig:gig:thSorry, I couldn't resist that... Just please do not get upset if she goes through a rebellious or a STUBBORN stage....
Whatever you do, do not let her get away with bad behavior... You are the boss and you don't have to be a mean boss... but when she gets to be 2-3-5x your weight and size, she needs to always think of you as the boss and she is your next best buddy... not to do what she wants when she wants to. You'll know when the time comes... and for some it never does. I am hoping that she will always have this nice sweet disposition she seems to have now. I had one that could make me threaten her with a "permanent once in a lifetime job at McDonalds", at least once a week; and I had one that was a sweetheart from calf to old age... she never was mean or hurtful... a little stubborn on occasion. They can show some real individual personalities just like people.
Thank you, I am so proud of her! She definitely does seem to be filling out some, i make sure she gets a lot of feed. I definitely won’t get upset, she has already had some stubborn days, especially when it comes to walking 😂 I know patience is key working with these kinda animals, her mama taught me a lot, especially patience.
I sure hope she stays sweet… if not, jeez, it will be a lot of work lol. I’m definitely ready though, for whatever it is.