To Breed Or Not To Breed


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Jun 7, 2016
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I keep going back and forth on this, meaning I should probably lean towards not, but...
Okay, I have a small standard lamancha doe of my breeding. Her sire was a buck with smaller genetics. Her dam was a cross of a slow growing line and a growthy fast growing one. The dam was growthy. The doe in question is a triplet. The largest sister hit breeding size her first breeding season. The middle kid barely missed it and is slotted to be bred this year at about 100 pounds and looking good.This doe is the smallest of the three. She is 80 pounds on the nose at about 18 months, with no set backs in grow out, and only being wormed once in the last year. She bags up preciously on one side every so often to the point it's alarming and she very much wants to make milk. I worry about her udder health if left unbred.
She is currently being synced to be a backup jump doe for a collection. I have the option to treat her with something to increase her chance of multiple ovulations to decrease the chance of a single if she is bred. We are butted up to my "done with breeding" point in the year

So, what would you do? Breed, or not breed this year?

Picture of rump width. She's in good flesh and getting daily grain, just small. (And yes, she has been bose'd and coppered recently. Sorry about the mess)
Any resulting kids will be pulled and raised on pasteurized milk from everyone so she does not have to sustain a lactation and grow out kids on her own if she can't maintain body condition while putting out milk.
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