Treating mange in sheep?


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Feb 2, 2022
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Central Florida
Uhh I realize that this lamb that torched Dutch had those symptom for mange. I hope Dutch doesn’t get it. I sprayed with ring out today and rubbed it into his ears and dock area. I’ll be deworming him tomorrow hopefully.

I was using Dutch as a guide sheep for this little lamb that didn’t understand a halter yet. I think Dutch actually thought that lamb how to walk in a halter lol. By the time I went back to my area he was walking fine. But the lambs eyes were all crusty like a old dirty dog, the ears had scabs on the inside. And the dock was scary, swollen and and red with black scabs. Idk how he got into the show let alone allowed in the ring.

Any preventative measures anything like this at a show?
Were the eye crusty like yellowish stuff or actually had lost skin around them do you have pictures of it