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Sep 25, 2015
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New goat owner and new to the forum.
Our 6 week buckling had vaccines on Monday. Within seconds he went into anaphylactic shock, stiff legs, falling over, tongue out. The vet gave him a shot to counter the effects and said we just needed to watch him.
Monday evening he doesn't put weight on right leg (the side of the injection) and his head is dropped with obvious pain at injection site. Crying when trying to move around. We prepare for the worse.
Over the next couple days he is moving around better, using the right leg, drinking eating, pooing and peeing.
A hard lump shows up at the injection site which causes him to turn his head towards the left and drop further.
The lump continues gets larger, but doesn't appear to be painful anymore. He lets me massage the lump and his neck feeling for problems. He does have issues walking in the direction he wants cause his head is turned to the side.
We take him back to vet today and we are told that his neck is likely broken or dislocated. However, he doesnt know for sure because goat won't hold still long enough for xray. Vet says he can't do anything and just watch to see if he gets worse. Surely if his neck was broken he would still be in pain, right?

We are at a lose and feeling like horrible goat owners. How could this happen to our little guy and more importantly, WHAT happened?

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions?


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May 10, 2010
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WOW, I can understand the vaccination reaction even though I have never seen one I do know that it happens. Thank goodness you were at the vet, many of us do it at home. I do have a bottle of Epi just in case but seldom even take it to the barn with me when I do the shots.

I don't understand the broken or dislocated neck, that is just weird. I could understand him not wanting to look "over his shoulder" or wanting to look in a certain direction if it causes him discomfort because of the vaccine reaction, but a broken neck ??? I would think that the reaction is causing sore muscles and tissue and that he is just babying it. Have you had a tetanus shot where your arm gets so sore you don't want to move it for a few days?

Is the vet thinking he broke his neck when he had the reaction? Was it that violent of a reaction?

Did the vet give you anything to give him for pain? Banamine for a few days might have been a nice idea. Was this he first vaccine?

Hope he gets better, I don't really have any suggestions on how to fix him. Poor boy and poor you.

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