What do you like to spin

Niele da Kine

Loving the herd life
Sep 5, 2020
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Moku Nui Hawaii
When you spin dog hair, it's called 'chien-gora', I think? "Chien" is 'dog' in French and the 'gora' is sorta the tag end of 'angora', I'd guess? I suppose if your Great Pyrenees is female, then it would be 'chienne-gora'?

Dog hair doesn't have any sproing to it, so once it's yarn it won't be springy yarn. Makes things that drape, like a shawl or scarf, not so good for a hat or socks.

Also, chiengora smells like a wet dog when it gets wet.

One of my more favorite wools to spin has been Clun Forest. It's a nice open fleece, spins up either fat or thin and doesn't complain about either way. Very versatile and soft enough to wear next to the skin and tough enough to be a rug. A lot of bunny fluff gets spun around here, too, what with there being English angoras here. Very soft fiber to spin, makes amazingly soft yarn but if it's pure bunny fluff not a lot of 'sproing' so good for things that drape like scarves and shawls.