What type of rabbits do people want?


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Jul 8, 2017
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I have been thinking about breeding rabbitsas a hobby. But I am wondering, what do people want? Do pet rabbits or meat rabbits sell better? Should I do crosses or purebred? I'd like to do crosses, but I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of mutts no one is interested in. What are some nice crosses that create pretty and friendly rabbits? Are people now a days interested in mini breeds? What's more popular, lop or upright ears? If I do this, I want to go in knowing what I plan to do and I want it to be organised and worth it. I'm not truly looking for profit, because in not sure if there is much in this. But if there is that'd be nice. I want to do this right and be responsible.


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Oct 5, 2012
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NW Indiana
I prefer purebreds... there's so many breeds, fairly easy to discover one that meets your needs.
You Should have an outlet for the kits, as pet or meat. Both need to be sold by a certain age or people aren't interested. If you are willing to eat rabbit yourself you won't have an issue. ;)Discover your outlet before you invest in your bunnies.

As to size, ears, ect it really depends on your location. You should check the ARBA website for local shows and go and browse. And if you invest in show quality purebred stock you can add sales selling for show purpose.
Around us there's a fair market for meat rabbits of any cross or breed. Pets are a bit more popular, with rabbits under 5# being most wanted.
With the Internet I have sold (& bought) my velveteen lops across the country and in Canada. They are a breed in progress though and not found in some states. Heres one of my buck, Sam. NCM_2742.JPG
I sell some culls as pets (@ $45), have had some butchered. But now donate my culls as feed for a wildlife rescue.
Be aware rabbits don't always "breed like rabbits" & can be a challenge. They are sensitive to heat, noises and disease. Also consider cage situation, ect. Cages need regular cleaning or get really nasty quick.


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Oct 12, 2017
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We had Californian/NZ cross we decided to put an add on Craigslist and butcher whatever didn't sell. We ended up not having any for the freezer for almost a year they sold so well. From my experience most ppl buying them as pets didn't care about the breed but really wanted rabbits with different color patterns. As far as selling them for meat no one around us was interested probably just to many running around for the taking. Are you raising inside or out and where are you located that may determine what breed is best for you