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Loving the herd life
Mar 5, 2012
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Southern California
1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like?
San Diego, supposed to be some of the nicest weather, but it's too warm for me.

2. How many people are in your family? Marital status?
Just me and my boyfriend Steve of 5 years.

3. How would you define your farm?
Small, backyard style, started slow, growing quickly!

4. What would you do with your spare time if you had any resources you needed?
Turn my ranch into a huge heritage breed, self sufficient, food producing farm.

5. Have you ever built a house, barn , or other types of building? Do you want to?
No, yes.

6. Can you weld? Steel, aluminum, MiG, TiG, stick, Oxy-Acet?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

7. Who or what inspired you to be a farmer/rancher, hobby farmer?
I've always loved and had lots of animals my whole life, but when I became an adult I realized you can get food and things back from them! I wanted a cleaner source of food and that prompted me to get more animals that provide for us!

8 Is it a hobby or an occupation?
I guess you could say a little bit of both!

9. In what areas are you knowledgeable and in what areas would you like to learn more?
Animals and plants. Want to know more about agriculture and about how to turn my farm into a business.

10. In what types of farming will you never choose to do?
Hmmm... commercial "traditional" farming!

11. Are you interested in providing more of your own food supply?

12. Where do you end up when you sink into yourself, away from the outside world?
I used to do a lot of things for this when I was a kid, mostly just reading now.

13. Can you drive a farm tractor or a semi?
No but I want to learn!

14. Do you make crafts or useful items? Would you want to teach others how to do these?
I don't make any crafts, just food, but I would really really like to learn to sew well!

15. Can you legally have all forms of livestock where you are at? Do you have any? What kinds?
Haha I don't know, I think so. I have dogs, cats, fish, chickens, quail, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, and goats.

16. Can you operate a lathe? Metal, wood?

17. Do you like to garden? If so, what do you enjoy growing?
Yes very much so. I have a select few flowers I like such as Mandevilla, and a few others, but mostly I like growing food. I have lots of fruit trees and a huge veggie garden. I'd love to have the room to do a bigger veggie garden and even grain crops!

18. Do you fish? Bait or explosives?
Yes, I love fishing, haven't been recently though. I use a fish pole with bait. ;)

19. How much space/land do you have or rent? City farm? Country?
We rent on a 32 acre piece of land where we share with 1 other renter and the landlords and their families.

20. Are you a Novice, Technician, degreed?
I currently attend community college full time where I am almost done getting three degrees; Arboriculture, Sustainable Urban Landscaping, and Nursery Technology. Maybe someday I would like to continue on and get my Bachelors in Agricultural Science.

21. What is your farm specialty? Or what one would you like to learn?
Producing food. Preserving Heritage Breeds.

22. If you could create a degree and curriculum, what would you major in and what classes would you take?
I don't know that I want to create a degree, but ever since a field trip to UC Davis when I was in high school, I always wanted to take animal classes.

23. Do you do wood work? framing, finish, cabinet?
No, but I worked in the furniture business for a long time and I can finish unfinished wood by hand.

24. Are you interested in herbal animal medicine?
Yes, very much so.

25. If you could live any place you chose, where would it be?
Probably way out in the woods somewhere; Montana, Wyoming, Idaho etc...

26. Do you use a wood stove for heating or cooking?
Yes, that's what we use to heat our house.

27. What would your ideal super hero/villain be?
I've always liked Batman.

28. Are your family or friends also interested in animals?
Yes most of my BYC friends are.

29. Do you like to cook? Are you interested in whole foods and natural foods? raw milk? farm fresh eggs?
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Just wish I was better/ more creative at it.

30. What was your best animal experience? Worst?
I'll have to think about this and get back to you.

31. Do you forage or hunt for part of your food needs?
No. I'd like to but you can't hunt here.

32. What skills do you have that help you be more a self sufficient farm?
Learning everything I can about raising animals for meat and food preservation.

33. Do you process your own meat? Can or preserve?
Yes, yes, yes.

34. Do you use alternative energy sources on your farm? Would you like to?
Yes, but small scale only right now. Would yes like to eventually go full scale alt. energy.

35 What is on your to do list?
For tomorrow: rake out all pens, expand goat pen, laundry, clean fishtank, homework.

36. Have you ever lived completely off what you produce? Would you like to?
No, yes.

37. In what do you trust?

38. Do you make and fix things yourself to save money?
Yes. My entire life is one giant shoestring.

39. Has the experience with animals changed your attitude or habits?
Yes, though I've always had animals my entire life, I definitely have a deep appreciation for other life besides humans; in fact I like animals more!!


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Oct 6, 2010
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Morrow Co ~ Ohio

Welcome to BYH journaling! I'm looking forward to reading your journal.

What type of quail do you have?


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Dec 8, 2010
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Welcome to journaling! I look forward to reading more about you.

CLeaning the fishtank.........ug. My sister used to keep fish. I seem to kill every fish I touch!


Loving the herd life
Mar 5, 2012
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Southern California
I have Jumbo brown coturnix. :)

I used to breed tropical fish a long time ago, my favorites are Killifish and Angelfish, but right now all I have are guppies in a very heavily planted tank. :)


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Oct 10, 2011
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The Natural State
I love your website, I am very interested in learning more about aquaponics maybe you could start a thread or recommend some sites and reading?
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