White Snakeroot


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Jun 21, 2021
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Eastern Kansas
Yikes! Yes, there are nursing lambs, but they're all super-healthy, great growth. I'm actually thinking that it's probably not where they were back in June, because there's none of it in there--just in a little area between one pasture and that one that I didn't let them in because there were also a bunch of branches cut off of a super-thorny honey locust, and I didn't want them to step on them and get thorns in their feet. So they probably haven't eaten any. And when I was moving them from one paddock to another and they had to walk past some of it, a couple of them sniffed it, and didn't eat any. So maybe they can tell it's bad and not eat it (assuming they have plenty of more desirable things.)

And yes, I will be pulling it out, BEFORE it goes to seed, and I think I could recognize it when it comes up in the spring.