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Great Supplements for Keeping Healthy Goats

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Supplementation is necessary step when raising goats and experts are constantly learning more and more about which vitamins and minerals support goats systems and keep them healthy. Supplements help support a healthy digestive and immune system and help keep them in top shape. Each supplement can be bought at a feed store or as simple as buying at a grocery store. You can either offer supplements mixed with grain or fed free-choice.

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Loose Minerals
When giving loose minerals to your goats, it is best that they are offered free-choice. Great ways to offer free choice are in homemade PVC pipe feeders, standard goat feeders, a rubber goat feeder, or another device that will work. There are general goat minerals available, as well as minerals specalized for meat and dairy herds. Loose goat minerals contain vital minerals, vitamins, copper, and other nourishing supplements to support your goat.

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Goat Blocks
Goat blocks are made of compressed minerals and vitamins necessary to goats such as salt, sulfur, cobalt, or mixed mineral blocks. Wet blocks for pregnant does are offered and contain nutrients and molasses to support does throughout pregnancy. Blocks are strong and mostly weather-resistant though when goats like to climb and play on them, it can cause wear-and-tear. You can find Goat Blocks at your local feed store. and you can offer them to your goats on a hard flat surface.

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Baking Soda
Baking soda is not commonly used as a supplement for goats but offering it free-choice in your loose mineral feeder keeps the digestive system healthy, buffers the rumen, and helps prevent stomach problems.

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Goat Probiotics contain yeast and other probiotic mixtures that help the rumen function and improve feed utilization. It is an optional supplement and most goat owners use it only when a goat is ill or in stress.

Extra Sources for Supplementation
Some extra sources for goat supplements are Ammonium Chloride which is used for Bucks, particularly Wethers. Wethers are prone to a condition called Urinary Calculi where stones form in the urinary tract, causing much pain. You can add Ammonium Chloride can be added to your wether's feed with 1 teaspoon per 150 pounds of body weight. This helps prevent urinary calculi which is very painful and can be fatal, so it is a necessary supplement for Wethers.

Another extra supplementation are Boluses which are intravenous injections that are used to cover deficiency's in nutrients such as selenium and copper. You can find Selenium and Copper supplments under the name of Bo-Se.

To conclude, goat supplementation's are a great source of vital nutrients that are necessary for a goat's health and these sources will surely support your goat.

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