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    Worst aspects of having goats?

    I've had Nigerian Dwarf goats for about a year. We live in hot, humid Tennessee. So far, I've found parasites and the threat of dewormer resistance to be the biggest drawback of owning goats. The time and expense of sending in goat pellets for fecal exams is not my favorite goat chore. I would...
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    Wow, great pictures and beautiful animals! ❤️ Looking forward to hearing more about them!
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    Hello and welcome! Sounds like you have a great farm and a lot of variety! We love pictures if you feel like posting any.
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    Hello from Tennessee! :)
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    check out my rescue pig and then some goats

    I enjoyed the pictures. You have a lovely farm! :)
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    Hello from Southeast Tennessee - the land of What the H... is with this weather?

    Hello! We are in Southeast Tennessee also! I love the title of your thread. I ask myself that question all the time. LOL. We have a small property--5 acres but only about 2.5-3 acres are properly fenced. We have had chickens, quail, American Guinea Hogs (feeders not breeders, haha), and Nigerian...
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    Newbie from KY

    Hello from Tennessee! What kinds of animals are you planning to keep? :) I started out with chickens, then moved to pigs, quail, and goats. I found myself stretched too thin however, so I'm focusing on just goats and chickens for now.
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    Husband wanted to try out turkeys...

    Turkeys sound interesting. If I had the coop space I would love to get a few someday.
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    First domestic US sheep

    Hello from Tennessee! That sounds really interesting, hope to hear more about your sheep!
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    Hi, New to the Goat world

    Hello from Tennessee! Looking forward to hearing more about your animals!
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    New here

    Hello from Tennessee. We have goats and chickens (and pigs...for a while longer anyway). I hope you get an answer to your rabbit question. There are lots of knowledgeable and helpful people on the forum. We have a single indoor pet rabbit (that turned up under our porch and we adopted), but I...
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    Intro post

    Hello from Tennessee! :)
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    Hello from Tennessee! Looking forward to hearing more about your rabbits, and your goats and chickens when the time comes. :)
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    Here from BYC.

    That sounds exciting! Keep us updated! Mine will be a year old in April. I was hoping to breed them in the spring, but I think they may be a bit small yet.
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    Milza from Nigeria.

    Hello from Tennessee! Looking forward to hearing more about you and your animals! :)