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    Ausra Farms - Updated

    It’s great to hear from you again! Don’t stay away so long!
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    Pearl Sparkles 34 years old Prince
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    Weeds took over the garden, I asked BJ for help weeding the garden. This is what I got.
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    March 19 we picked up our beef. We had taken Goldie the steer for slaughter. Hanging weight was 502 pounds, we got half and our DD and family got half. We split the cost of raising him and the slaughter charges. Home raised beef is the best!
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    March 18 we got pigs. I had reserved 3 pigs at about 100 pounds. I kept in touch with the breeder to make sure he knew I wasn’t stringing him along. When we got there there was only one in the weight range we wanted. So he sold us 2 bigger pigs at the same price. We have a slaughter date in August.
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    March 8 we got our granddaughters for a week. They bottle fed the lambs, played with lambs and hugged sheep. They had so much fun playing with the lambs. The girls played in the dirt and got dirty. We had a great week on the farm.
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    By March 2, 2021, the bad weather, scarcely a week gone, gave way to spring. I put the sheep out to pasture. A couple of days later, the sun was warm, it was so beautiful and Tiny and Panda wouldn’t leave the gate, Baa-basing piteously for me. So I went in and plopped down in the clover, much...
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    An Introduction to Buffaloes

    So glad you are ok!
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I keep appointments on my phone. It has an app named notes and I sure use it!
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    A Jesusfreaks tales of farm life with soon to be five

    You need your own place and not a needs to be burned mobile home that is falling in around you. You have made the best of it, but that and family dynamics just get to be too much. I’m with you all the way on this decision, you gotta do what is best for that beautiful family you have. Hang in...
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    Newborn calf!!

    Maybe the proponents of this nonsense need a little spay and neuter amongst themselves.....
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    An Introduction to Buffaloes

    @River Buffaloes where are you? You haven’t posted in 4 days, worried about you. With the Covid raging in India, I hope you are ok.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Thank for the coffee, gotta go get feed today. Going to be rainy until Thursday, today is sunny, so got to go. Yesterday we pulled weeds in the garden, took 6 wagon loads to the sheep. Tired from that, got a text from neighbor with picture, want this? Come tear it down. So we did. Small...
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    We finally did go out to celebrate our 25th anniversary on February 27. We went to Longhorn Steak House and jokingly told them we were celebrating our anniversary late because we were snowed in on our anniversary. And they gave us free dessert!