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    Coffee anyone ?

    No I don’t have them a pony. We bought Prince with the grands in mind, but once he gained weight, he was no kid or beginners horse. I took them riding on Pearl, pictures are on her thread. Pearl behaved beautifully.
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    Ringo has Moved to TEXAS

    Once again, Ringo did himself proud. The youngest granddaughter, age 4, is safe hanging out with Ringo. We love that boy! I sat the girls in a chair to keep them from getting trampled. They fed corn to the sheep and Ringo had to have his corn too!
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    Meet Pearl, New Horse

    We had our granddaughters for the weekend. Pearl got some love from the youngest. Then she took the two little girls for a ride. We went to the corner and back, about a mile. Pearl was a champion, she knew she had precious cargo aboard.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Thanks for the coffee! We had our 3 granddaughters for the weekend. We picked them up in Cisco Friday. Kept seeing lighted road signs of a wreck up ahead, ALL lanes closed on I-20. Normally by the time you get there the wreck is cleaned up and road is open. After the 4th sign and many miles, I...
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    Thistleblooms Rambles

    Having had the experience of a hurricane dropping a massive oak tree on our old house, I feel terrible for him too. I hope he has good insurance.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Thanks for the coffee. That sucks on the processing. They ruined your T-bone steaks! But you have beef in the freezer now and that counts for plenty of god meals for the family. Since we raise pork, chicken and lamb, we don't generally eat a lot of beef. We buy steak when they go on sale, but...
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    Farmhouse question? (Rural issues...)

    What state are you in? The answer to that does depend on what kind of winters you have. Here is east Texas, we have plenty of freezing nights but have never had frozen pipes. We sometimes have a week of temps in the 20's and it is a pain to keep water for the animals, but the cold doesn't last...
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    Poor Rika. I do hope she gets some relief. Our Paris is 12 years old, still refuses to come in the house, stays in her beloved back yard and side pasture that goes up to the back of the sheep barn and cozies up in her dog house stuffed with hay. She runs, barks at neighbors, trucks and the...
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    Larsen Poultry Ranch - homesteading journey

    Such a pretty rabbit and cutie pie baby bunnies!
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    Thistleblooms Rambles

    Good thing it was the dog kennel (with the dogs not in it) and not your house! So I guess it is chainsaw party time?
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    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    Congrats on the two ram lambs. Too bad about the one that was born dead. My ewes have only had triplets once, the smallest was rejected and even with bottle feeding, she didn't make it. I think the ewe knew there was something wrong.
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    Palomino's Training Journal

    And all the snow is gone in 3 days! THAT'S how to throw a snow party! LOL Your horses are so cute, all fuzzy like teddy bears with hooves!
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    Maybe you can give Rika weaned lambs to watch. She might not take to retirement, give her something to do. Better for her to be happy. You have a lot of stuff to move, but like you said, to replace it would be ridiculous! $$$$$ Hey! I know! There is a train track by your new-farm-to-be. Load...
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    New Pig Pen is just about complete

    In 2017, I had 3 hogs eating 50 pounds of feed every other day and a slaughter date too far in the future by a couple of months. Since the 3 hogs were a neighborhood deal, we got together and slaughtered and processed them them. I put it all in my pig thread. Every year, I start a pig thread...
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    Please keep us posted on how she is doing.