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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    Your beef turned out really nice @Baymule . Well, marbled for the age...
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I also got the other strawberries sliced up and into the vacuum bags and into the freezer before I went to PT this morning....only had to throw out 2 berries that were too mushy. Luckily it had been very cool the last 2 nights so they kept out on the porch....another 5 pints....When the...
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    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    OMG.... no one was hurt I'm assuming? We had that derechio here about 10 years did alot of damage. So glad you did not have any significant problems. Hope he was insured well...
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    Ausra Farms - Updated

    That is wonderful that you can help the kids, give them real life experience, and help to teach them some responsibility and all. They look like the are enjoying it. Best of luck in the future. Nice cochins.....
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    2021, Waiting on lambs!

    That is great that they are sold and getting picked up in a timely fashion.
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Since I hate phones in general, and electronics in general too.... and since I am changing things so often, I much prefer to have it on paper in hand.... erasers work real good, and I keep a list of the farms that need to test that month, next to the calendar, and can erase them off the list as...
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    Baymule’s Farm Pictures

    Lots of BIG BABIES !!!! :lol::gig:jumpy:highfive::weee:weee:celebrate
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Clouds with a little sun but looking to get cloudier. Chilly, mid 40's. Supposed to get showers and looks to be here by 11 according to radar. Got to work up the last box of strawberries, DS didn't pick them up and they will go bad, if left. Won't take much to cut and freeze. Only about 4-5...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Mixed sun and clouds. Looking more like rain than not. Radar shows that it will probably be wet by the time I get out of PT..... Have PT at 10:30 then home and haul some cattle to town. DS worked some cattle yesterday afternoon, had help, and called to see if it was okay to move about 16-18...
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    I know and fully understand the whole thing with colostrum and antibodies.... What so many fail to realize that there is also other reasons it is so thick. It gets the gut tract working without "running through it" so to speak. Give it the "homemade colostrum" to try to thicken up and slow...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    My S.C. Light Brown Leghorns were good layers for purebred show birds, and of course were not as flighty as some due to being handled. The hens would often set too and were pretty good mothers. The best mothers I have ever dealt with were the Standard size Old English Games that my ex and my...
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    Newborn calf!!

    Actually they are of the "Bambi" syndrome, where everything lives to a ripe old age in perfect harmony and politely doesn't get affected by hormones and doesn't breed other animals in the name of population control!!!! ?????
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Yeah, $50.00 doz for "blue/colored " hatching eggs..... WOW...... Hope you get a bunch more hatched out from what the hen was sitting on....and that you can sneak them back under her tonight.... :thumbsup:thumbsup for her!!!!!
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Got up in plenty of time this morning, DS had texted me that he needed to go in to work , so would drive separate... I let him get out of there when they get the last group in that are "bucket" / throwaway / treated cows, and then all I have to do is go get the numbers and all, waiting for them...
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    High Desert Cowboy- How far is it up north?

    Not trying to be critical..... I just wanted to make sure that you were thinking of it.... and yeah, I do refer to things sometimes by what my mind has "called it"... Just knowing that she would not have anything to do with the milk, and it having more nutrients.... Glad that she is now eating...