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    Goat Mineral for llamas?

    Hello all, just wondering if llamas can have goat mineral specifically manna pro goat mineral.
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    Who uses collars on goats?

    I only keep collars on a couple of my girls. The majority let me just slip on a temporary collar when I need to but I have couple that, once they catch wind that I'm catching and not just petting, they're out of there!
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    Which breeds are ok

    I haven't had a lamancha but I do have a Nubian doe and will be getting another one, plus some of my boers are Nubian X, I just love their big floppy ears. Lamanchas kind of creep me out or remind me of frostbitten ears :hide
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    Carport Barn

    stone floors.......sliding stall doors.......attractively designed......:th :love
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    Carport Barn

    Right now my barn is still empty for the most part, last year I had all panels so that was all taken down but Ill try and get a drawing up of my planned layout also. I look forward to seeing it, I love see other people's layouts. They had a major influence on my building plans. :cool:
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    Carport Barn

    The same could be said about storing hay inside anywhere, but done properly its a great tool. Just to clarify weather tight and ventilation can be taken as two different things. Personal example, snow comes in sideways here always from the northwest, my pole barn that was (finally) constructed...
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    Carport Barn

    How tall is your building? If its tall enough you could have a loft of some sort, which would open up a lot of room. May be something to consider since you can always make a barn wider but it would be a bugger to make it taller. :lol: x2
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    Elyssia001 - Homestead Adventure Journal

    Congrats on your new rabbit! Also it's great that you were able to get a garden in, I simply didn't have the time this year. I haven't had one yet and its been tough trying to deicide where to actually keep one. Hopefully next year though!
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    One Fine Acre - 2023 4H Steer Project Update

    Your wife is very lucky, what a great job that would be! Plus all the great stuff she will be able to score!
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    Do you need fleece/wool to be spun or processed?

    I know this is kind of an oldish thread but I'm curious, is there a place that one can send mohair to, to sell or anything? I was very briefly considering angora's or alpacas for down the road but I don't have the time, skill, or patience to do anything with the mohair. Or even a place to have...
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    Jack training Peron- random pictures

    So fluffy!
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    So what's wrong with pigs?

    x2, we only had pigs for short periods of time when I was growing up but they are the one animal I'm to this day, still scared of.
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    Possible Theft Attempt?

    You are so lucky that you have them! In my part of north Dakota, we've been getting every sort with the bakken oil boom. Lots of strange vehicles driving by, when I used to know every vehicle. I don't have a LGD, wish I did though since I don't think my llama would defend against a human but he...
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    Where do you milk your goats?

    Thanks :hugs. It helps knowing that sometimes this will just happen, not a lot of people in my area keep goats so not much support here haha. I haven't had much of a chance to see them today yet, but last night the majority seemed to be doing fine, being their snoopy/curious selves. I had a lot...
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    Where do you milk your goats?

    Sorry if that sounded accusing, its wasn't supposed to lol :hugs not in a great state of mind right now, numb actually. I've lost 7 of my babies, probably 2-3 more by tomorrow, since Saturday. I have them all on corid, they have all been dewormed with a wormer the vet recommended vs the cheap...