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    Luvmypets Journal: Changes

    I have made the decision to sell my alpacas. Im down to three as Bear and Bolero died during the winter. I decided at first to rehome just two of them and keep Geno. But when I saw Geno out in the field by himself, even though he seemed fine, I knew in my heart he should be with his friends. He...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Little Gaia peeking out from behind Ras presumably for a snack
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    Feral pig + first time owner

    Hi, yes I raise Manga’s. They basically came about when hungarian nobility bred normal pigs with wild boar over many generations to create the ideal pig they wanted at that time. As Bay has mentioned you can never fully 100% trust a pig. I am closely bonded to all my breeding animals and they...
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    Lamb with abcess between toes

    Well I spent a good while trying different ways to help unclog his pores but nothing happened.
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    Lamb with abcess between toes

    Thank you! Want this lil guy feeling better ASAP so hopefully that will work. Good to see you again purplequeenvt
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    Lamb with abcess between toes

    Interesting bay. While this could be the case I have put quite a bit of pressure with no luck(and an unhappy lamb) but maybe the small scabs are covering it up.
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    Lamb with abcess between toes

    I’ve worked with sheep for awhile and Ive never really seen something like this. This is one of our new bottle lambs and I noticed he was favoring his one foot when we brought him home. The next morning I could immediatly see his foot was swollen and that there is some kind of ball between his...
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    My bunny has its skin cut open and I am not sure how to care for it, any solutions would really help thank you!

    First things first you are going to want to clean and disinfect the wound. You can use either alcohol, iodine, or hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the wound. I would suggest cutting back some of the hair as well to better see what you are doing. Now Im not sure if you can use a topical such as...
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    Luvmypets Journal: Changes

    They escaped several more times that week so yeah it was crazy but I have figured out how much feed will keep them happy and full.
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    Luvmypets Journal: Changes

    Ah I’m so bad with keeping up with things. So basically it was friday night and I was just relaxing in my room on my computer listening to some music and drawing. It was around midnight so I decided to go to bed. I had left my phone on my bed and for some reason it was on silent which is...
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    Goat and chicken people starting with our first pigs

    What are your plans for the piggies. Pets, meat, breeding? Pigs will root the same regardless of age, its just a very natural behavior for them.
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    New Goat

    Anyone who has followed my journal knows how much I have always been wanting goats. And finally after all these years I have a doe to call my own. Well not entirely, see the owner of my farm goes to the livestock auction fairly often and his son begged him for the goat so he got her. Its a young...
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    Spotty lambs 2020

    I love them! We just got two jacobs although I have no idea the genders and can’t get close enough to find out. I have a hunch the one may be preggy tho!
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    Good news, the company I work for has closed down all of their stores and distribution centers for at least the next two weeks. And I will get paid for that time.
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    I don’t work at a grocery store, but rather a department store. I won’t say what company but its one of the few that has yet to shut down. There is no reason for us to be open. While certain stores must stay open so people can survive, people don’t need to be buying shoes, makeup, and clothing...