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    pasture management '?'

    Keep in mind that if it’s not safe for you to drink then, generally, animals probably shouldn’t be drinking it. Of course animals are way tougher than we are and more used to bacteria and stuff; but keep it as a general rule. You don’t want to drink sewage water, your animals don’t either. If...
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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I know. While small time chicken owners were selling out the moment they put a bird for sale thousands were just killed. Not to mention how inhumane it is. It almost seems that the government purposely interrupted the food supply; but this site isn’t for politics. For me, locally, everybody was...
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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I apologize for the name of this thread. It was meant to discuss what are the people doing to cope with the butcher backlog. And get a general feel if everybody was experiencing the same thing or not. It can be really helpful to know how things are going nationwide, and even internationally. The...
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    Messybun’s Small starts big dreams

    You could win ugly Christmas sweater competitions; that would totally make all the work worth it! 🤣 Don’t knock ceiling space. In the olden days they’d have a giant quilting frame that was hung from the ceiling, almost like a chandelier. When it was time to bring everyone together for a...
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    Messybun’s Small starts big dreams

    I have a goat I could probably get some cashmere from, just never have. Then I too go an buy yarn. I’ve recently had family members send me two boxes chock full of yarn. One was from my great grandma, it’s incredible to see some of what she was working on. Makes me feel close to someone I don’t...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    The first snow of winter was yesterday, at first it seemed like mist, but it only lasted a few minutes at most. I wouldn’t have even noticed had the goats not escaped and forced an emergency fence fix. Which the electricity still isn’t working.
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    You might be a redneck if... share your stories we need the laughs

    Where to start? Going out every hour on the hour with molasses water for a goat(spider bite) even though it was freezing cold and rainy. Having multiple dog kennels in the dining/mud room because the young goats were cold and we don’t have a barn. Sleeping next to said goats with a blanket to...
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    New to Goats - few questions

    I’ve drank some milk from my pygmies, and while it wasn’t cow milk, it was super sweet. My family didn’t even really notice.
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    Keep or Sell? Names?

    She looks pretty to me, so I’d vote to keep her and see what she produces.
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    The cake looks amazing! Baking should be for enjoyment in any case, and I think you got that down to a T.
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    Questions about my ND Goats!

    Hello there!!!! Okay, to start, welcome. Yes, you can milk a goat without her babies being present. It’s called the “milk through” goats like Lamanchas can easily milk for about two years without having to be rebred. Nigerian dwarfs, not so long. NDs will naturally dry up much sooner. There are...
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    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I don’t know if y’all have experienced the same or similar, but I am constantly seeing people begging for slaughter houses. Most are booked out until 2022 already! How are you doing with the lack, and how are you taking advantage of it?
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    Hello All!

    Mine was obvious, she was bent almost in half walking with tiny steps grunting. What you’re kind of looking for is them kind of scrunching their backs in the air, at least that’s what I’ve noticed with most.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Hello there. Is anyone on here not up to their necks in mud? At least it should help the garden is what I keep telling myself. Have to get some hay and corn today, and then I should be picking up another duck. I think I need to bring a friend along so I don’t come home with 5. I already improved...
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    Raising my little blind goat

    Put a bell on him, it will help you keep track, especially when he’s older. I would suggest a bit of a smaller yard. I do know goats can be really ugly to each other, but some can also be really amazing. Just keep a good eye out when introducing him to anyone else. I’ve had a number of blind...