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  • TO CUTE!Im very well, It's been pouring Hens and Roosters here non-stop for a week tho.Brownie had a impacted crop, then sour crop.Its getting better, but she cannot stay inside any longer so she's out with the flock now, Im not sure what else I should do.Shes still got a clump in there, about the size of a small golf ball.
    The article you wrote was SO helpful!Thank you!

    How are youz?
    Awww!I WUV the Wittle dog in your avy!Whats his/her name?My neighbor used to have a Shi-Zu that looked like that, her name was Gwen!
    Well, lol, thats fair enough. Your pup in your avatar is just toooooo cute! Getting there, i had an accident on one of our horses that left me in bed for a whole week, still sore actually! That horse is a little booger. And you? : )
    Why hello Leyla! I didn't know you were on BYH, although i was hoping you were, now I've found you! : ) Haven't talked to you in some time, how are things?
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