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    Hello from Lake Wales, Fl.

    :frow & :welcome from Alabama.
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    Hey Everybody!

    :frow & :welcome from Alabama.
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    I'm from Southeast Alabama :)
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    newbie from BYC

    :frow & :welcome from Alabama.
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    word association

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    New from Alabama

    The males are supposed to make good pets, their eggs are beautiful and great for crafts, and I think I've read of people using them as guard animals. Plus, the best reason, I've just always wanted emus for some reason :D Thank you for the warm welcome everyone :thumbsup
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    word association

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    5 letters game

    Keeping All Really Elegant Newts S H E L E
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    Who else is also a member on BYC?

    I'm weimarmama here and on BYC.
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    Hello! Visiting from BYC!

    :frow & :welcome from Alabama. I'm visiting from BYC, too :)
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    Hey Ya'll

    :frow & :welcome from Coffee County, AL. I visited Cullman years ago, very pretty town :thumbsup
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    Hey from 'Bama!!

    :frow from Coffee County, AL.
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    New from Alabama

    I was having forum withdrawal from BYC & decided it was past time to register over here :D I'm so in love with the little cow smilies :bun My username is weimarmama over on BYC, too. We have a little farm in south Alabama with goats, 2 donkeys, chickens, ducks, guineas, turkeys, peafowl...