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    Adopting barn cats

    Don't let a new foster cat run your house right away. Provide a warm bed, a bowl of fresh water, and a clean pan of litter at all times. At first, approach your foster cat gently, carefully, and in a non-threatening way. Don't let a cat go without feeding for more than a day.
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    Pregnant or Not? What’s moving in that belly?

    Feeling the abdomen of the rabbit, extremely gently, can give you more than one indication. The best thing to do is to have a vet palpate in the abdomen [source: Brown]. You will be able to feel tiny lumps like marbles in her uterus until the rabbit is in the second week of pregnancy.
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    Cutest Foal Contest~ENDED

    This will be the latest post that I had ever made, my pet should have won this one hahaha!!
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    What to feed my Wether Willy?

    What deer likes to eat isn't always what they're going to eat all the time. Deer enjoys berries and nuts. We enjoy pecans, hickory nuts and beechnut acorns as well as acorns. Several of the preferred fruits are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and persimmons.
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    Sheep showing

    Good point, here, I have great looking sheep but we don't have any contest for that, sad right?
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    A young sheep, called a lamb, is easily scared, and older sheep strike without thinking to shield them from perceived danger. ... There are no known cases of black sheep attacking human beings.
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    Feeder pig diet.

    Feeds should fulfill the needs of the animal for nutrition, development and reproduction. Good pig feed contains enough strength, protein, minerals and vitamins. Corn bran, broken corn, maize, soybeans, cassava, vegetables and residues of distillers are also used in pig feed.
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    Is this really goat food?

    Im new on that, It doesn't show anywhere that it's for goats, did you start to fed it already? did they eat it?
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    Seeing dead bees

    Biodiversity loss, habitat degradation and lack of forage due to monocultures and pesticide killing of bees are specific threats to bees and wild pollinators.
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    Is this potbelly pregnant?

    Essentially, with this procedure, the absence of estrus implies pregnancy. Reddening and swelling of the vulva, increased movement and vocalization, and a change in the consistency of the vaginal mucus are all indicators of an impending estrus and can be detected one to two days prior to its...
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    Egg Thief - I got him this time!

    Place chicken feed in rodent-proof containers, and allow a tray feeder for chickens to have access to food. Keep the areas around the coop clean and free from hiding places for snakes.
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    How to Raise bottle baby goats???

    Bottle feeds goat kids regularly, small meals of milk or milk substitutes. Kid goats should be fed at least 4 times a day to prevent digestive problems until they are 30 days old. From this stage, you will reduce the number of regular meals to 3. It is a product of the natural nursing behavior...
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    Lost Lambs - Help?

    I know exactly how you feel, suddenly losing a pet is really devastating, let's face it, there's a big possibility that it was already a victim of a predator. so sad... I know...
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    Mother Distancing from Kids

    That was so odd indeed, I hope the small one is doing great by now. I can't really say anything about it since this is the 1st time I've heard about that.
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    Bad Weather

    Keeping all pets up-to-date on vaccines, Current Coggins paperwork for each pet if you plan to evacuate, Have an emergency equine wound care/first aid kit on hand Holding trees around fences and trimmed structures