1. 2

    Banding…Testes look alright?

  2. Chickengirl123

    Can my banded goat still breed?

    Hi! I have a goat who was banded on October 13. He is eight weeks old and the banding fell off about a week ago. He lives with his mom and another doe and the other doe is in heat. He is trying, unsuccessfully due to height difference, to mate with her. I was wondering if there is any way that...
  3. Childwanderer

    43 Day old male ram lost circulation to tail

    TL;DR: is it dangerous to return full bloodflow to a swollen tail-tip that is constricted by mud? One of our ram lambs, born 1/31/2019, has a swollen tail tip with crusted mud, some blood, and clear oozing. I thought it was just mud/dung stuck to his tail, but I found that a tight ring of mud...
  4. First Time Goat.Mum

    Bleeding Banding

    Just as everything is settling down, I went to check and Dilly is bleeding. He was banded approx 4 weeks ago (1 week old but he had dropped) and a livestock vet said the banding looked great but today I went to check and his parts were bleeding and were barely hanging on my a strand. From my...